The phenotype of an organism is determined by the regulation of DNA, RNA, proteins, and metabolites. mRNA studies can obtain differential genes and complex regulatory networks between samples. However, genes and phenotypes cannot be directly related, and it is difficult to identify the structure and regulatory genes that control key pathways. Through the metabolome, a number of genes that assist in temporal expression are subjected to "co-expression" analysis, revealing gene function, and correlating genes with phenotypes, rapidly identifying core regulatory networks, and identifying key candidate genes.

Data analysis Pipeline


Advantages and Application Areas

Biomarker Technology has a powerful hardware and software platform,we have introduced the advanced instrument platform Waters UPLC I class PLUS and Xevo G2-XS QTOF. Moreover, metabolome analysis APP is online, greatly shortening the analysis cycle and improving the personalized analysis content.

Biomarker Successful Cases

[1] Metabolic flux redirection and transcriptomic reprogramming in the albino tea cultivar ‘YuJin-Xiang’ with an emphasis on catechin production[J].Scientific reports, 2017, IF=4.259.

[2] Transcriptome sequencing and metabolite analysis reveals the role of delphinidin metabolism in flower colour in grape hyacinth[J]. Journal of Experimental Botany, 2014, IF=5.830