Biomarker Technologies

Biomarker Technologies, a leading provider of genomic services, is founded in 2009, headquartered in Beijing, China. It owns a passionate and highly-skilled R&D team of over 500 members composed of highly-educated technical staff, senior engineers, bioinformaticians and experts in diverse areas including biotechnology, agriculture, medicine, computing, etc. Biomarker Technologies has been actively engaged in innovation and development of high-throughput sequencing and bioinformatic technologies. It is committed to provide the most comprehensive genomic related services consisting of science and technology services, medical technology services and BioCloud platform. Its business has covered various organizations sitting in over 30 regions in China, including universities, research institutes, independent laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, plant breeding companies, medical and health institutes, etc. Biomarker Technologies owns the most cutting-edge high-throughput sequencing platforms and high-performance computing platforms. Our outstanding technical team has robust ability in tackling scientific and technical issues and has accumulated massive experience in diverse research area and contributed in hundreds of high-impact publications in Nature, Nature Genetics, Nature Communications, Plant Cell, etc. It owns over 40 nation patents of inventions and 200 software copyrights.

Platforms-High-throughput Sequencing

Biomarker Technologies owns the most cutting-edge high-throughput sequencing platforms and high-performance computing platforms. We have equiped Illumina 2500, 4000, Xten, Novaseq6000, DNBseq T7, Oxford Nanopore MinIon, GridION, PromethION 48, Pacbio RSII, Sequel, Sequel II series, 10X, BioNano Irys, Ion Torrent et al.

Nanopore (ONT): (MinION, GridION X5, PromethION) First qualified provider of PromethION48 and GridION X5 (DNA&RNA) sequencing in China World record on PromethION single cell production
PacBio: (RSII, PacBio Sequel, PacBio Sequel II) Joint laboratory with Pacific Biosciences of California, inc.
Illumina: (Illumina HiSeq 2500, Illumina Miseq)
Bionano: (Irys system)
Nanopore GridION

Platforms-Biomolecular Laboratory

Professional,Standard, Automatic Molecular Laboratory

▶ Over 20,000 square feet place
▶ Advanced biomolecular laboratory instruments
▶ Standard labs for sample extraction and library construction, clean rooms, sequencing labs
▶ Standard procedures from sample extraction to sequencing under strict SOPs
▶ Multiple and flexible experimental designs fulfilling diverse research goals


Reliable, Ease-to-use On-line Bioinformatic Analysis Platform
Self-developed BMKCloud platform
CPUs with 41,104 memory and 3 PB total storage
4,260 computing cores with peak computing power over 121,708.8 Gflop per second.