Next-generation Sequencing

Service Overview

Assay for Transposase-Accessible Chromatin with high-throughput sequencing (ATAC-Seq) is a method to assess genome-wide chromatin accessibility. Transposase (Tn5 transposase) can get access to open chromatin regions, while blocked by compact chromatins. In this case, sequencing adapters can be insert to open chromatin regions, which can be further isolated and process for high-throughput sequencing. ATAC-Seq is a powerful technique to reveal genome-wide open chromatin regions and identify potential active transcription factors and their targeted genes based on open chromatin region motif.

Project Workflow

Sample delivery
Library construction and sequencing
Data analysis
Final report
After-sale technical support

Experimental Workflow

Main steps in ATAC-seq experiments include: Cell suspension preparation; Tn5 transposase treatment and purification; DNA fragment harvest; End-repairment of harvest fragments; Sequencing adapter ligation; Fragment filtration by size; High-quality library construction; High-throughput sequencing on Illumina platform.

Bioinformatic Analysis

Results Demo

Browser of open chromatin region
Open chromatin regions around TSS sites of genes
Hierarchical heatmap on differential open chromatin regions
Open chromatin region motif
Functional enrichment analysis on genes in open chromatin regions


1Are biological replicates required for ATAC-Seq?
Yes. In order to ensure reproducibility and accuracy, we recommend to have 3-5 biological replicates.
2What is MOTIF?
MOTIF is a fragment of sequence with particular feature, “MOTIF” contained sequences are more likely to be in open chromatin region.
3What's the difference between ATAC-Seq and CHIP-Seq?
CHIP-Seq targets on particular protein binding domain or transcription factors, which required antibody to specifically recognize targeting area and process immunoprecipitation. ATAC-Seq is an antibody-free technique. Transcription factors or protein binding regions can be cut-off and harvest by Tn5 transposase.