Seamless Cloning & Assembly kits


Biomarker MultiF Seamless Assembly kit

Cat. No. : RK02003

Size: 100 RXN

Product Description

Biomarker MultiF Seamless Assembly kit enables cloning of DNA fragments with any sequences into plasmid vectors. The 5' ends of inserts forward/reverse primers are ligated to the ends of linear vectors. 5' and 3' ends of PCR products shares approximately 15 to 25 bp overlaps with the ends of linear vector. By mixing PCR products, linear vectors and specific enzymes at certain ratio, directed-cloning can be completed within 15 to 60 min at 50 ℃.

Features and Benefits

1. Flexible in site: DNA fragments can be inserted at any site on vectors.
2. Precision: No extra procedures required
3. Ease to use and fast: Approx. 1-hour procedure for vector construction, free of enzymatic digestion, gel-cutting, enzymatic ligation, etc.
4. Fusion of multiple fragments at a time.
5. High efficiency: up to over 90% positive products.


Rapid cloning
High-throughput cloning
Seamless cloning
DNA site-directed mutagenesis
Figure1. Principle scheme of Biomarker MultiF Seamless Assembly Mix