RNA Extraction kit


Biomarker Plant Total RNA Isolation Kit*For Poly-saccharides&Polyphenolics‒rich

Cat. No. : RK02004

Size: 50 RXN

Product Description

Biomarker Plant Total RNA Isolation Kit is a RNA extraction kit designed for plants rich in poly-saccharides and poly-phenolics.

Features and Benefits

1. Designed for RNA extraction in tissue with high level of poly-saccharides and poly-phenolics.
E.g. Mature rice leaves, cotton leaves, Arabidopsis seeds, banana, watermelon pulp, kiwi, pear, rose, tobacco, sea buckthorn, lily, etc.

2. High efficient column-based genome DNA removal.
Column-based genome DNA removal achieve clearance of any genome DNA visible on electrophoresis gel, extracting DNA and protein-free RNA, which is suitable for RT-PCR, qPCR, mRNA sequencing, full-length transcriptome sequencing, etc.

Applications & Performance