Quantitative-PCR kit

Quantitative-PCR kit

Biomarker 2X SYBR Green Fast qPCR Mix

Cat. No. : RK02001

Size: 50 RXN

Concentration: 2 X

Product Description

Biomarker 2X SYBR Green Fast qPCR Mix is a SYBR® Green based quantitative PCR reaction kit. SYBR® Green binds to double-stranded DNA molecules, which can work as a fluorescent reporter to monitor generation of DNA at each cycle of PCR reaction. The performance of the kits is largely enhanced by hot-start antibody-modified Taq DNA polymerase, which increases specificity of targeted DNA amplification.

Features and Benefits

1. High sensitivity: With optimized buffer system, the detection limit of Biomarker 2X SYBR Green Fast qPCR Mix is as little as 10 pg.
2. More stable. The kits can survive several rounds of freeze-thaw in a certain period of time.
3. Applicable to multiple type of qPCR instruments.
4. High specificity achieved by antibody controlled polymerase activity.
5. Fully enclosed operations minimizes contamination.


QPCR is a widely accepted method in validating transcriptome sequencing data. Biomarker 2X SYBR Green Fast qPCR Mix has successfully contributed in various studies.