PCR kit Biomarker HS 2X HF Master Mix



Name: Biomarker HS 2X HF Master Mix
Cat. No. : RK02006
Size: 50 RXN
Concentration: 2x

Product Description

Biomarker HS 2X HF Master Mix is an optimized 2X reaction mix containing HiFi DNA polymerase, dNTPs, reaction buffer, optimized MgCl2. To start a PCR reaction, only DNA templates, primers and water need to be added. This kit is applicable to various DNA templates, such as animal, plant, cDNA, etc.

Features and Benefits

1. High Fidelity and processivity

Biomarker HS DNA polymerase is a novel DNA polymerase with enhanced polymerization domain, which largely improved fidelity and processivity.

2. Thermostability

Biomarker HS DNA polymerase contains single clonal antibody that inhibits activity of the enzyme. It is more suitable for hot-start specific PCR reactions. Heated--inactivation: No | 5'-3' exonuclease: inactive| 3'-5' exonulease: active| Product ends: blunt ends


1. Regular PCR reactions
2. Long-template PCR (Up to 23 kb for human genome templates)
3. 16S rDNA
4. Colony PCR (Direct PCR on colonies, no inhibition)
5. cDNA (Single band, cDNA generated from 50 ng RNA can be used as template)