BMKCloud Bioinformatic Platform

One-Stop Data Analysis and Interpretation

BMKCloud is a leading bioinformatic platform providing one-stop solution for genomic programs, which is widely trusted by researchers in various arena including medical, agricultural, environmental, etc. BMKCloud is committed to provide integrated, reliable and efficient services including bioinformatic analysis platforms and tools, computing resources, public database, bioinformtic online courses, etc. On BMKCloud, you are empowered for a one-stop solution from your data to your story.

Over 25 Online Genomic Data Analysis Apps

BMKCloud has over 25 data analysis Apps, which simplifies and speeds up biological discovery. These Apps cover transcriptomics, microbial diversity analysis, whole genome resequencing, population genetics, multi-omics joint analysis, etc.
● Genome guided RNA-Seq
● De novo RNA-seq
● Small RNA-Seq
● Long non-coding RNA-Seq
● CircRNA-Seq
● 16S/18S/ITS-Seq
● Whole Genome Re-seq

Over 100 Bioinformatic Tools

BMKCloud has more than 100 frequently used bioinformatic tools of including gene annotation, evolutionary genetic tools, ncRNA, data quality control, assembly, alignment, data extraction, mutations, statistics, figure generator, sequence analysis,etc.
● Figure generator
● FASTA toolkit
● Hierarchical Clustering Heatmap
● Primer design
● Gene annotation

Public Database

BMKCloud platfrom integrats various public database including SRA data, reference genome, diseases, etc., which faciliates real-time gene analysis
● SRA data
● Reference genome
● Gene function
● Variants database(SNP)
● Disease database
● Oncology drugs
● QTL database
● Interaction database


Literature Library

Collection of over 27 million literatures; Synchronized updation with NCBI database; Multi-dimentional literature search; Blogs aimint at packing up key findings: “News&Highlights” and ”Tech&Highlights”.

Species Database

BMKCloud helps establish genomic database of certain species on-demand, where genomic data can be stored, organized, searched and analyzed. BMKCloud aims at revolutionizing the strategy in data management to largely enhance the efficienct in genomic research.
Para rubber tree
● Shrimp
● Pepper (Under construction)
● Millet (Under construction)
● Banana (Under construction)
● Aquatic plant (Under construction)